• $439.95

4″ Screw-On Oil Filter Assembly

4″ Screw-On See Through Filter Assembly with #12 Ports and 115 Micron Element, for running 50 weight or lighter oil. Can use System 1 Filters or Disposable filters on the bottom.
  • Part Number: 405-115 & 405-115-B
  • Smallest Particles Filtered: depends on System 1 or disposable filter microns, varies on brand
  • Recommended Disposable Filter:
    (not included)

    K&N # HP-2003 or # HP-3002 or
    WIX #51069 or # 51060 
    BlackOut Series can use Napa Gold filters
  • Recommended System 1 Filter:
    (not included)
    System 1 Billet Pro Series and
    Chevy adapter threaded bushing
  • Disposable Filter Thread Size: 13/16” – 16 TPI 
  • Bypass Relief Valve: Yes
  • Inlet & Outlet Fitting:
    #12 O-Ring Boss – 1-1/16” – 12 TPI
  • Operating Temp: max 220 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Operating Pressure: max 150 PSI
  • Height (without disposable filter):  3.00 in.
  • Width: 5.00 in.
  • Length: 6.00 in.
  • Filter Weight: 3.40 pounds
  • Sold as Kit including; Filter Assembly,
     Micron Element, and Bracket Kit
    (**WARNING Filter Nuts and Bracket bolts are shipped un-tightened they need to be tighten before filter is used.**)
  • Recommended:
    Extra Filter Element Part # 440-115
  • Suggested Replacement Parts: 
    ~Window Part # 412-480
    ~O-Ring Kit Part # 425
    ~Filter Stud Kit (set of 2) Part # 135
    ~Air Fitting Part # 148
    ~Oil Pressure Port Fitting Part # 169
    ~Block Adapters also available
  • Filters are Clear or Black Anodized for Protection and Durability.
    Clear View Filtration’s Patented Dual Oil Filter Assemblies are the Best Oil Filtration System Available. This 4” Screw-On Filter Assembly was designed for most Big and Small Block Engine combinations, including Street, Dirt and Marine use. This filter also has a single O-Ring groove for use with a System 1 filter. This filter is the best choice for motorsports ran on dirt and other applications where the user wants to filter microscopic and dust particles out of the oil system. Also where space is limited and being light weight is important! Oil first flows through the See Through Filter with a coarse 115 micron screen which traps all the larger particles that can be viewed and inspected while the microscopic particles flow into the System 1 which has a finer mesh screen. The clean filtered oil flows out of the filter assembly through the outlet opening back into the engine. A shot of air empties the filter in seconds exposing the element and filtered particles without draining or leaking any oil and without unbolting or loosening any fasteners or fittings. Filters are remotely mounted and can work on many applications including diesels. This dual stage filter will extend the life and flow of the disposable filter and still allow visual inspection of filtered particles for engine inspection.
    • The 4″ Screw-On Filters have 2 Inlet and 1 Outlet Port openings that are threaded for #12 O-Ring Boss – 1-1/16-12 TPI fittings. The Inlet and Outlet openings have been machined to 0.625″ or 5/8″ inside diameter so it will not restrict fluid when using #12 lines.
    • Recommended System 1 is the Billet Pro Series. The Cast System 1 will only use the outside sealing O-Ring. Must use System 1’s GM 13/16-16 tpi threaded insert.